Mr. Sunshine Episode 01 – 24 (Completed)

During the United States expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871, a boy from Joseon boards an American warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his home country as an American soldier stationed in the country.


  • Drama: Mr. Sunshine (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Miseuteo Shunshain
  • Hangul: 미스터 션샤인
  • Director: Lee Eung-Bok
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: July 7, 2018 —
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1. “Mr. Sunshine” takes over the tvN Sat. & Sun. 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “Lawless Lawyer.”
  2. Screenwriter Kim Eun-Sook and director Lee Eung-Bok previously worked togetherin 2016 tvN drama series “Goblin” and 2016 KBS2 drama series “Descendants of the Sun.”
  3. Kim Sa-Rang was cast to play a major female supporting character role, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues. Kim Min-Jung was then cast to play the same role.
  4. 5 character posters for tvN drama series “Mr. Sunshine.”
  5. Gosa ceremony took place June 8, 2018 in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea.


Mr. Sunshine-Lee Byung-Hun.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Kim Tae-Ri.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Yoo Yeon-Seok.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Kim Min-Jung.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Byun Yo-Han.jpg
Lee Byung-Hun Kim Tae-Ri Yoo Yeon-Seok Kim Min-Jung Byun Yo-Han
Eugene Choi Go Ae-Shin Goo Dong-Mae Hee-Na Kim Hee-Sung
Mr Sunshine-Kim Kap-Soo1.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Choi Moo-Sung.jpg Mr Sunshine-Lee Ho-Jae1.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Kim Eui-Sung.jpg Mr Sunshine-Kim Nam-Hee.jpg
Kim Kap-Soo Choi Moo-Sung Lee Ho-Jae Kim Eui-Sung Kim Nam-Hee
Hwang Eun-San Jang Seung-Goo Go Sa-Hong Lee Wan-Ik Takashi Mori
Mr Sunshine-Kim Dong Gyun.jpg Mr Sunshine-Kim Hye-Eun.jpg Mr Sunshine-Park Ah-In.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Kim Byung-Chul.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Bae Jeong-Nam.jpg
Kim Dong-Gyun Kim Hye-Eun Park Ah-In Kim Byung-Chul Bae Jeong-Nam
Kim An-Pyeong Yoon Ho-Sun Go Ae-Soon Il-Sik Choon-Sik
Mr Sunshine-Kim Na-Woon.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Shin Jung-Keun.jpg Lee Jung-Eun Lee Seung-Joon Mr Sunshine-Kang Shin-Il.jpg
Kim Na-Woon Shin Jung-Keun Lee Jung-Eun Lee Seung-Joon Kang Shin-Il
Madame Jo servant Haman-daek King Gojong Lee Jung-Moon
Mr Sunshine-David McInnis1.jpg Mr Sunshine-Seo Yu-Jeong.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Jo Woo-Jin.jpg Choi Jin-Ho Mr Sunshine-Park Bo-Mi.jpg
David McInnis Seo Yu-Jeong Jo Woo-Jin Choi Jin-Ho Park Bo-Mi
Kyle Moore Hong-Pa Im Gwan-Soo Lee Se-Hoon Yoon Nam-Jong
Mr Sunshine-Yoon Joo-Man.jpg Kim Eung-Soo Mr Sunshine-Oh Ah-Yeon.jpg Mr Sunshine-Choi Jong-Won.jpg Mr Sunshine-Lee Si-Hoon.jpg
Yoon Joo-Man Kim Eung-Soo Oh Ah-Yeon Choi Jong-Won Lee Si-Hoon
Yoojo Hee-Sung’s grandfather So-A Heungseon Daewongun Go
Lee Jung-Hyun Mr. Sunshine-Kim Yong-Ji.jpg Kim Kang-Hoon Mr Sunshine-Jeon Jin-Seo.jpg Mr Sunshine-Heo Jung Eun.jpg
Lee Jung-Hyun Kim Yong-Ji Kim Kang-Hoon Jeon Jin-Seo Heo Jung-Eun
Tsuda Hotaru Eugene Choi (child) Eugene Choi (teen) Go Ae-Shin (young)
Mr Sunshine-Sung Yoo-Bin1.jpg Mr Sunshine-Lee Shi-A1.jpg Mr Sunshine-Jin Goo1.jpg Kim Ji-Won Mr Sunshine-Ji Seung-Hyun.jpg
Sung Yoo-Bin Lee Shi-A Jin Goo Kim Ji-Won Ji Seung-Hyun
Jang Seung-Goo (young) Eugene’s mother (ep.1) Ae-Shin’s father (ep.1) Ae-Shin’s mother (ep.1) Song Young (ep.1)
Mr. Sunshine-Im Se-Mi.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Jang Dong-Yoon.jpg Mr. Sunshine-Park Jung-Min.jpg
Im Se-Mi Jang Dong-Yoon Park Jung-Min
Dong-Mae’s mother (ep.3) Joon-Young (ep.16-) Ahn Chang-Ho (ep.22)

Additional Cast Members:

  • Shin Soo-Yun – Soo-Mi
  • Ko Woo-Rim – Do-Mi
  • Kim Joong-Hee – Lee Deok-Moon
  • Kim In-Woo – Hirobumi Ito
  • Jung In-Gyeom – Hayashi
  • Hakuryu – head of Mushinwhe
  • Nam Chang-Hie – Shin Jong-Min
  • Choi Min-Young – Goo Dong-Mae (young)
  • Yoon Kyung-Ho – Seung-Goo’s father (ep.1)
  • Jung Hee-Tae – Police Commissioner Jung (ep.12)
  • Baek Sang-Hee – Takashi Mori’s wife (ep.21)
  • Jung Seung-Kil – Lee Wan-Yong (ep.22-)
  • Kim Si-Eun


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02 540p: MG |
03 540p: MG |
04 540p: MG |
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06 540p: MG |
07 540p: MG |
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09 540p: MG |
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22 480p: Mega |
540p: Mega |
720p: Mega |
Special 540p: Mega |
23 480p: Mega |
540p: Mega |
720p: Mega |
24 End 480p: Mega |
540p: Mega |
720p: Mega |

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