Queen of Mystery 2

Drama Korea Queen of Mystery 2


  • Drama: Queen of Mystery 2
  • Revised romanization: Chooriui Yeowang 2
  • Hangul: 추리의 여왕 2
  • Director: Choi Yoon-Suk
  • Writer: Lee Sung-Min
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: February 28 – April 19, 2018
  • Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Gang-Hee) has thrown away her life as a housewife. She teams up with Detective Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang-Woo) to solve mystery cases.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me” and followed by “Suits” on April 25, 2018.
  2. First script reading took place December 22, 2017 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea.
  3. Two teaser posters for KBS2 drama series “Queen of Mystery 2.”
  4. Related titles (drama series):
    1. Queen of Mystery | Chooriui Yeowang (KBS2 / 2017)
    2. Queen of Mystery 2 | Chooriui Yeowang 2 (KBS2 / 2018)


Queen of Mystery 2-Kwon Sang-Woo.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Choi Gang-Hee.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Lee Da-Hee.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Park Byung-Eun.jpg Kim Hyun-Sook
Kwon Sang-Woo Choi Gang-Hee Lee Da-Hee Park Byung-Eun Kim Hyun-Sook
Ha Wan-Seung Yoo Seol-Ok Jung Hee-Yeon Woo Sung-Ha Kim Kyung-Mi
Queen of Mystery 2-Kim Won-Hae.jpg Oh Min-Suk Hong Ki-Joon Queen of Mystery 2-Kim Jong-Soo.jpg Min A
Kim Won-Hae Oh Min-Suk Hong Ki-Joon Kim Jong-Soo Min A
Jo In-Ho Gye Sung-Woo Yook Seung-Hwa Shin Jang-Goo Shin Na-Ra
Kim Min-Sang Queen of Mystery 2-Min Sung-Wook1.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Jang Yoo-Sang.jpg Kim Jong-Hyun Queen of Mystery 2-Kim Tae-Woo1.jpg
Kim Min-Sang Min Sung-Wook Jang Yoo-Sang Kim Jong-Hyun Kim Tae-Woo
Hwang Jae-Min Kong Han-Min Kim Moon-Ki Lee Sun-Ho Ha Ji-Seung
Queen of Mystery 2-Park Ji-Il1.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Hong Soo-Hyun-1.jpg Park Min-Soo Um Chae-Young Queen of Mystery 2-Dong-Ha1.jpg
Park Ji-Il Hong Soo-Hyun Park Min-Soo Um Chae-Young Dong Ha
Bo-Kook Seo Hyun-Soo Won-Jae Ye-Na Park Ki-Beom
Queen of Mystery 2-Jang Gwang1.jpg
Jang Gwang
Ha Jae-Ho
Queen of Mystery 2-Park Jun-Keum.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Lee Yong-Nyeo.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Ahn Kil-Kang.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Jeon Su-Kyeong.jpg Queen of Mystery 2-Jung In-Gi.jpg
Park Jun-Keum Lee Yong-Nyeo Ahn Kil-Kang Jeon Su-Kyeong Jung In-Gi
Park Kyung-Sook (ep.1) Madame Kim (ep.1) Bae Gwang-Tae (ep.1) Nam Bok-Soon (ep.1) Jang Woo-Sub (ep.1)

Additional Cast Members:

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